Art is knowledge


My dear followers,

I’d like to share something with you! First, I want to tell you about my trip to Aachen, Germany, just before the summer.

If you’re into art and especially streetart than you definitely should go to Germany. Germany is an amazing country with amazing artwork. It almost like you don’t have to look for it, you just find it everywere. For an art-addict, such as me, this country is so fascinating. Especially with the history of German, of which the traces are still everywere to find… especially through art.

So I was wandering through the streets of Aachen and enjoying my time there. But I noticed that this simple piece of art (check photo), was everywere. I though it was simple and cute… And I love simple artwork that has a loud and clear message. And the words in this artwork are like ”screaming”! While it was a really simple work. You see, simple and screaming are two things who often don’t go together (or am I wrong?).

It’s weird but also amazing how some simple street art can make someone curious…leaving someone to think about the meaning behind it. When I saw this art work, I didn’t thought right away that it might mean something! It made me think, but obviously I couldn’t make a conclusion. Some time later as I was going through my photo’s at a restaurant in Aachen, I stopped for a sec and thought about this artwork. I suddenly felt the urge to know what was behind it… I mean… it’s weird right? A French artwork in the streets of Germany. So I googled some info about #nuitdebout and I found out that it definitely had a meaning.

For your information:

#fyi : “Nuit debout is a French Social movement that began on 31 march 2016, arising out of protests against proposed labor reforms as the #elkhomrilaw … the movement was organized around a broad aim of “overthrowing the El Khomri bill and the world it represents.” It has been compared to the Occupy movement in the United States and to Spain’s anti-austerity 15-M or Indignados movement.

The movement began at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors held nightly assemblies following the 31 March protest. The protests spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France as well as to neighbouring countries in Europe and to countries further afield. Turnout at these protests dwindled after the first weeks; activists maintained the movement’s presence on the internet.

The name “Nuit debout” has been translated into English as “Up All Night”, “Standing Night” and “Rise up at night”, among other variants. Commentators have noted that the word “debout” has “significant resonance” in French political culture as it is the first word in the socialist anthem “The Internationale” (“Arise…!”).”

~ source: Wikipedia

So the next person who tells you art is nonsense… simply tell him he’s wrong and that’s his loss to think so… not yours 😉😋 #artisknowledge

Getting grip on my life


Dear readers and followers,

I know that I have been very absence the last couple of months and that I haven’t posted much or letting you know much. I’m sorry for that. You might not understand why and I don’t blame you of course. But to make things clear for you I need to make a confession.

The last couple of month I have been incredibly confused. I have some issues going on in my life and I’m still wrestling with thoughts and ideas of how to get along with these situations. One problem that is partly a reason for this confusion is the fact that I don’t know what I want in life. I discovered this lately. By that I mean that I don’t know which way I want to take and which choices I need to make. The only thing that I know is that I want to be successful and to make a difference in a world that needs more of that. But how do I want to do that…? With what tools…? With help or not…? And help from which people…? It’s so messy in my head right now and I can’t even think clear. I have a dozen goals which I want to work on but at the same time I feel like my fear is pulling me away from these goals… forbidding me to work hard for them.

One thing I’m now sure about is that my blog – for one thing – is definitely  something I don’t want to give up on. And I hate myself for it that I left it (left you!) for granted the last couple of months. Again, I’m really sorry for that. I have reflected and evaluated my feelings, thoughts and actions concerning ARWA SHAHIN, and I came to the conlcusion that I wasn’t open enough through my blog. I seperated my daily life completely from my blog, which ended in a compelled choice of priorities and obviously this choise of priority went to my daily life. It’s weird, because I know damn well that having a blog means that it has to be merged with my daily life. So that’s one goal I have set for myself: to combine these two more and better with each other, so I can keep posting interesting articles for you guys.


My second goal is to get healthier and fit again. I can’t put to words how messed up my life is right now when we talk about health. My nutrition is really bad at the moment and I stopped working out a long time ago, which is something I really regret, because I have gained a lot of weight too. It’s not too bad alhamdulillah, but I want to help my self before it’s too late. As someone who is obsessed and works a lot with self development cases, I know it’s really easy to say that there is no time and the little time I have I’d rather spent on some rest, but I know that these thoughts are just the little devil inside of me who wants to demotivate me.

workout-inspiration-quoteIt’s going to be really hard for me to work on this because I adore food, but I gotta change this lifestyle because it’s poisoning my mental state and my physical body.
I’m going away with the holidays, so my goal is to get satisfying results by that time. I want to start tomorrow with workouts and running again, because there is not much time left. So I got little more than a month to go for. I need to hold on. You’re going to help me with this because I will post daily an article on how everything went so you all can stay updated. This gives some boost to my discipline, so all the tips and feedback are welcome! I also know that some would like this for there own discipline, so with this we can help each other out.


Then my third goal. The followers who have been following me for some time now, since my previous website, know without doubt what the goal of my life is: Writing a story and publishing my book. This is my main goal and I need for this to happen fast. Because my motivation is getting lower and I can’t have that. After my gradutation I will have a million other priorities in my life and I don’t want to waste the litte time that I have now. It’s getting harder and harder every day. I still enjoy writing and I always will. But publishing a book is a different story. So I want to set everything I wrote till this day aside. Keep it safe of course! Not throwing it away! But I want to start over. With a whole new story and new inspiration. So just like my second goal, I will start tomorrow, with writing everyday a couple of pages. I don’t want to set a minimum because that doesn’t work with writing by spontaneous inspirational thoughts. Bút I’m satisfied if write everyday a minimum of five pages.
At the same time I want to continue one of my old stories on wattpad. So you guys can follow up and let me know what you think. I think that some of you woud like some stories for dinner, right?

I have a lot more goals that I have set for my self, but this is it for now. These are the most important goals that can’t wait longer with. The rest I will think a little longer about on how I want to achieve them. And of course after that I will share them with you.

For now, I want you to forgive me for leaving you guys like this and just try to hang on with me for I need you! And love you!

See you tomorrow and stay tuned!

Much Love, Arwa ❤

Casual Blues and Delicate Browns | Outfit

Larsson & Jennings Läder | Black WatchCHANEL ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip Colour Barneys New York India Mini Backpack / Pre-Owned David Yurman Cable 18k Yellow Gold Multi Colored Stones Ring Old Navy Floral Gauze ScarfH&M Suede loafers Alexander Wang Wang 003 boyfriend jeans / Silla top / Maison Margiela mini sweater dress /

Hello dear followers, I have been absent for quite a time and I’m really sorry for it. The previous weeks have been a little bit difficult for me and I’d rather not go in to details but I just want you to know that it was absolutely not my intention to stay away that long. Just pray for me, cause kinda need it at the moment… Many thanks ❤

Now back to this fashion outfit!

This time I wanted to go for a more casual look and since I am a fan of leather brown things lately – I don’t know what it is, but suddenly I feel like I have to have  every thinf that is brown ánd leather –  was thinking of I more casual/kacki outfit.

The boyfriend jeans is a sudden change in my regular taste: I never really like to wear blue colored jeans. All of my pants are black. I always wear black pants, weather they are jeans or not. So is something I choose for a change: don not get used to it.
But anyway, I picked this jeans because I like this jeans color in combination with the leather brown color of the India mini backbag en de Suede Loafers. Those to colors ánd fabrics give the overal look a very casual touch and that it what I wanted to achieve. Imagine the pants to be black; it wouldn’t have turned so casual as it does now! So when you pick up outfits, always think: How do I wanna look? How am I gonna achieve that? Think with strategy! Yes! also when you’re doing fashion!

Ofcourse the match of the colors of the bag and the shoes speaks for itself: always try to match the colors of bags and shoes! Always! I you don’t… well, that would be a valid reason  to the fashion police to arrest you. We don’t want that, do we?

Although I am not really a fan of the combination brown and grey, I picked up this grey silla top purely because it’s perfect with the blue jeans. Because I only like to wear long shirts/dresses I picked the black mini sweater dress with long sleeves so it can be worn underneath it (and still be a haramproof outfit). Also, I thought that if I was going to combine grey and brown, that the outfit will need more black, so it neutralizes everything a little. That’s also a reason for the black mini dress.

We then we have the Old Navy Floral Gauze Scarf. I don’t really have an explanation for why I picked it for this outfit. I just saw it and I liked it! The ”darker” blue looked so fine with the leather browna and the floral print completed the casual touch, in my opinion, so I just chose to add it to this outfit.

A nude lip color seemed a must to me, with this outfit – don’t really have an explanation fot that either… But the black watch seemed perfect because of the black of the mini dress and the símple gold in it would be perfect with the scarf ánd the bag and shoes.

What is your favorite item of this outfit? 

Much Love ❤


A Daily Style to Work | Formal Outfits

MaxMara Oversized Cocoon CoatJoseph Cashmere Efilia Sweater Dress in GREY CHINE / H&M Super Skinny Super Low Jeans / Dasein Swivel Handle Removable Shoulder Strap Shoulder BagTOPSHOP KITTY Fringe Loafers / Black Pashmina Scarf (Any black scarf will do actually 😉 )/ Nixon Women’s The Kensington Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch , White / Cara Headlight Cuff Bracelet / TED BAKER Jewel cluster crystal stack ring

I have been shopping online like crazy the past few days, because every time I go in town, I can’t find anything I like. And I really need new clothes and stuff. Weird, because it’s as if I grow out of my clothes, but at the same time I know that I didn’t grow…? I don’t understand this, do you?

Anyhow, I decided that my daily style must undergo some changes: I love casual. I adore it, that’s more like it. But because of my internship and the fact that I work at a very professional office for four days a week, I really need to dress more formally. This is kinda exhausting, because you need to think of every little thing about your outfit. And this is not really the case when we’re talking about casual outfits. But even though it sucks all of my energy, it’s one of the things that are really fun to keep busy with! I mean, come on… Who doesn’t love to have the perfect excuse to shop? (Your outfits have to be op and top complete, with the little details included. So you gotta invest in some things…)

The combination of warm colors with cold ones is something I adore much. The baby blue and the bordeaux red are two colors that give you a perfect example: They have absolutely nothing in common – not even the season they find home in – but they do match perfectly, especially when you add some gold and black. Perfect! And in this outfit the golden watch from Nixon is just indispensable! I adore this watch. It looks so nice and smooth, so classic but bold, so big yet so petit… ❤

And the grey… Who complains about grey?! I have never heard someone complaining about this every-where-fitting-color. That person must be out of his mind – Although I don’t quite fancy these new grey lip colors that came out these season. Ssht!

I choose to use a black pashmina scarf for my hijab. This was for several reasons. The first one is that black is a must have in this outfit and since the only black I found in this outfit was in the pants, I decided that it was necessary to get some more black in the outfit and what better way than to use your hijab for that. Secondly, a pashmina always looks really formal and professional. It gives your look a very chique touch, which is exactly what you need in a formal outfit. And thirdly, pashmina is my favorite.

And when it comes down to the accessories: keep it super simple, but there always must be some! Never go for a formal look without accessories! Just keep it simple. And of course they have to match with each other and with your clothes. The bracelet and the rings are in my perception perfect for this outfit. They are both gold and include (diamond)stones. They kinda have the same look but not the same colors, which gives your look a playful touch. You might think that that’s a horrible thing to add to a formal outfit, but remember that you have to be able to show something of yourself ánd formal doesn’t mean boring. The bracelet matches beautifully with the bag and the shoes. Also this red is beautiful with the grey color of the sweater dress and the black of the pants and the scarf. The rings are gorgeous with the Nixon watch, which has a light background and which is the reason why I choose the stones in de rings to be light colored: The colors that people will find in the area of your hands will than be quite matching and therefore very serene. This way the accessories match with each other but at the same time they match with the other elements of the outfit.

Just remember guys: dressing is one of the most important ways to tell people who you are. Do it with care and with your goal towards God in your mind.

Keep it covered!

Much Love ❤


BOLD but Cute | Outfit

Grey Pashmina Scarf (maurices Solid Scarf Wrap With Fringe) / Chevron-Textured Bangle Bracelets – 6 pack / TRIWA Ivory klinga watch brown classicM.N.G Structured Envelope Cross-Body Bag Warehouse Cable Knitt Scarf OASIS Cara Black Denim Legging Womens Blouses Alice + Olivia Imli Light Pink Silk Crepe Blouse Versus biker jacket / Gingham Check A-Line Midi Skirt Kardashian Kollection Scalloped Detail Stiletto Shoes

With the intension to dress more like lady my eyes can’t stop but looking for long skirts and rose colored things. I managed to stop my addiction of shopping in town, which is a good thing, but also a very bad thing: I’m so lame that I start to do shoppings online more than ever. And let me tell you this: don’t ever come to this point, because your wallet will hate you… And you’re gonna feel this hate so much, that is gonna hurt as hell.

I love to dress with more cuteness in my outfits, but I found out that when I do this, it looks really fake on me. At first I didn’t really know what it was or why this is. But I figured it out now. Cute doesn’t really suite me (even though a lot of people might think the opposite…), I am more family with the bold. Sinds I have been a child people have been calling me ”boy” instead of ”girl”. And I think it’s time to change that a little. I mean, I’m still more bold dan cute, but a little less of this and a little more of that won’t hurt me, right? There is nothing wrong with improving my looks, but I gotta stay myself!

I will be honest with you: I wouldn’t look at this midi skirt if it was hanging in a shop. I’m not the type of girl who likes skirts, but you already knew that. So when I go shopping I never really notice them, because they are simply not what I am looking for. This time I forced myself to look for a skirt. And this one popped up. I like that it looks different and it makes me think of the fashion of the 40s/50s, which I by the way really, really like! Sometimes my father watches those old movies of his time and my grandmothers’ time and let me tell you this: Those foks did have some pretty, good taste in fashion.
But also the pinky, creamy blouse and the heels I picked out for this outfit makes this 40s/50s look complete.

And because I like to make the look complete with a little bit of boldness (read: a little bit of me), I added the olive-green, leather biker jachet. It’s an totally different element and therefore a little bit of a weird element to add to this outfit. It might seem a little distracted like this, but trust me… If you add all the accessories, this look would be amazing.
I chose a watch with a leather-brown wrist band, simply because this color matches perfectly with both, the pinky creamy and the olive-green.

The reason I chose a grey headscarf is because this light grey matches with almost every color. The choice of light grey is because it’s a beautifully soft color which is really beautiful with the pinke creamy elements and with the black and white of the skirt. And let’s not forget the white creamy shawl. Autumn is on and winter is coming up. So yeah, we need to look fine, but let’s not forget the practical things! As long as they match, it’s OK!

Much Love ❤


DO NOT Check this out on your own! | Make-up Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

I told you guys before that I am a total freak when it comes to Gosh cosmetics. Well, the goes actually for Make-up Revolution. Not only are they so nice designed, these palletes are really good quality, considering the fact that they actually are dupes of other make-up brands. But the pigment is good and the most important thing – for me – is that they have so much colors that it is practically impossible to miss one if you take just one pallete with you for a week out or something. Well today I will tell you something about this cool thingy!

I like the front of this pallete. It doesn’t really make sense but it’s definitely a fine eye catcher, which is, I’m guessing, what Make-up Revolutions wanted to achieve with it. It’s deliciously bold and therefore alone nice to have!

Here you can see a close up of the colors of the pallete. The colors are so beautiful ❤ sigh…




I choose to do swatch only the colors that appealed to me, because i t would have taken me forever to swatch every color. But as you can see the colors are really well pigmented, but there is one thing I do regret about this pallete, and that is that the matt colors are not as well pigmenten as the shimmery ones. That is a pity, since matt colors are colors I use the most. But thinking about the fact that these palletes are dupes, it’s something one should not complain about. For a dupe, this pallete keeps up really good and I would probably not even notice it much when I put up my make-up.

(BTW: the fact that the lighter shades are not so easy to see is because of the overexposure.)



I have been using it a lot since I have bought it. I have purchased some other Make-up Revolution palattes to try them out. They are really good for girls who can not efford to buy the more expensive make-up brands. Yes, they are not as good as let’s say Urban Decay make-up products, but if you like to save yourself some money and still buy something good, than these palettes of Make-up Revolution are a perfect option.

Much Love ❤


Do you notice difference between the products of Make-up Revolution and the more exensive products (like Urban Decay)? Which one do you like better?

Anatomicals Hand & Lip Duo

Anatomicals – One of the most original cosmetics brands. So cute and so funny! How can a person not love it? Well, while the answer tot his question remains unknown to me, I have to tell you some news: I have fallen in love with a product of theirs ❤

This hand cream/lip balm is my new bae. Wherever I go, whenever I go… this lovely tube is always with… never leaving my side. I love the way it looks, I love the way it works and I llllove how matches with this weather.


Let me tell you about this nice product. It has been on the market for quite a time now and to be honest with you, I had this product for quite a time now. But… I never used it. I know that every explanation I will give you or myself won’t be fair enough – I am honestly really mad with myself that I didn’t use this product before. I just left it in my stash to rot away. Shame on me!

But seriously though! I have to many hand creams and lip balms… Do you even know how hard it is to use them all? Gosh, I really should spend my money in something else, because this is starting to get really hard. I’m sure there a plenty of girls who face the some troubles as I do with cosmetics: everytime you spot a new color, you just have to have it, or else you’ll regret it for the rest of your life, even though you know that you have plenty and it’s theoretically impossible to miss this new product… Well, that’s life to girls, men! Behold it and if you’re planning to marry on day, you should know this and learn to live with it, because there is less then 2 percent chance that you’ll find a girl who doesn’t suffer from this!

Well back to the topic. I told you I would tell you something about this product but instead look where my thoughts brought me… this is not good.

So this time, seriously, let me tell you about this product. As you know it’s a lip balm and a hand cream in one. That’s not really a new concept, we have seen this before – at least, I have – but it’s still really nice. At first it was a little bit weird. I felt really stupid because I couldn’t find out how this thing should work. But once I found out, I fell in love with it! (for the third time).

I was really into finding a new good lip balm. Previously, I used to use the brand Labello a lot. When I heard that these contain animal fats ánd they have addictive effects on your lips, I decided to forget about those. For quite a time I didn’t use anything until recently. Now I use the Baby Lips Collection of Maybeline (Super nice and super soft) and the lip balms of Greenland <3. Now this baby is part of this ‘’favorite collection’’.

Because of the Aloe Vera extract this Lip balm/hand cream contains, your hands will remain this autumn and winter soft and without gasps or chapped skin. Thank you Anatomicals! Also your lips will find the same luck.

I always like the package of the products of Anatomicals. I find them really funny and cute. They always come with funny and inspiring texts. This is also what Anatomicals became famous for.


Anatomicals Aloe Aloe Aloe Hand Cream and Lip Balm:

Lip Balm

  • Unscented
  • Unflavored
  • Solid
  • Healing

Hand Cream

  • Thick
  • Aloe Scented
  • Healing
  • Absorbs immediately

According to Anatomicals the lip balm does not contain any perfume. That’s great of course! But I find that de balm does smell a little like water melon, though. I really like it… It doesn’t really bother me, but there is a question mark popping up in my mind though about the perfume thing. To me it’s no big deal though.

The hand cream is absorbed real quick and it doesn’t leave an annoying layer on your skin. Your hands feel really soft after using it, but I wouldn’t use the cream as a standard skin care product for your hands. For that I still do rely on my rituals hand cream.

At first the cream looks really thick, but when you smear it over your skin you’ll see that it’s exactly the opposite. It’s not fatty and it smells good.

In short: I really love this combined product. It’s not the top of the top, but it’s definitely worth it. Especially the price is worth it: €5,95. Almost nothing for this beauty.

Keep it covered and much love ❤


What do you think of the products of Anatomicals? I’m curious, let me know!

A week without WIFI | #AWeekInPain

Okee… I know that we grow up with the fact that patience is one of the best thing a man can have… BUT THIS IS IT!
One day without wifi: no problem.
Two days without wifi: it’s O.K.
Three days without wifi: soon insha’Allah.
Four days without wifi: Oh please, God, let it be fixed by tomorrow!
Five days without wifi: La2 ba2a! Mayenfa3sh kedda! (= No, enough! This can’t be!).
Six days without wifi: Oké, that’s it. I’m leaving here. I can’t, I just can’t. I have to work, I have to blog… I have to be able to watch movies and TV-Shows… My phone is just not enough. I have to write! I can’t believe myself! How can I go five days without writing! No this is jst not healthy for me. I’m leaving.
… And on the seventh day – This day actually – I left. Even though nothting is ready here yet. I don’t need a bed or a carpet or a sofa… The floor is fine. I just need my laptop and wifi. And that I have.

I have learned so much form a week without wifi. It’s a hell without wifi. Not because I’m addicted or something… absolutely not. I was able to hold on for 5 days: proof enough. But for workers, students and especially bloggers, internet is such an important thing. Not because we want it, or need it, but because we have to use it. And well, in my case, I am all three :/

But seriously though… Even though these few days were a little bit harder that the casual… I had an amazaing time with my familie. It was the first time in forever that we all sat in the living room, without that any of us (especially one of my brothers) was busy ont their laptops/ipads/tablets. We’ve laughed and talked and eat… (bad sight effect of having no wifi) … a lot!

People should be aware of this because internet does make us really unsocial and that’s a very dangerous thing. If we only manage to accomplish this kind of fun with our loved ones, without wifi… Than we have dropped to a very very vey low point.

But anyway, If you have been asking yourself why I haven’t been blogging enough the past days, then here you go… this is the reason. And it might stay this way for a while, because the wifi doesn’t work back at my parents’s and I’m still not leaving there for the next two weeks. So wish me luck! 😦

Keep it covered and much love ❤


Happy Eid! Bayram Mubarak! Eid Moubarak! Mabrouk El Eid! 3eed Sa3eed! | Where is my sheep?

Happy Eid Everyone! I know, I know! This post comes a little late, but you gotta understand, right? Yesterday was a very busy and hectic day… at least for me. My Eid was about to be a miserable disaster, untill I met with a very lovely friend, so close to my heart ❤

I had to go to work (internship) and my parents were all like, ”If you don’t even respect your Eid, why should they?!” So I didn’t get permission at all to go, but yeah… My internship, my responsibilty, right? But I did take a part of the day free though… I left two hours earlier so I could meet with my friend. So I went to Breda and we had the most lovely time ever! Later we’ve met with my sister and my Eid turned out to be awesome, so Alhamdulillah! It’s a pitty that I couldn’t spend the day with my familie and my brothers (-_- Ahum hum… They didn’t even come at all…) But we can’t complain!

The Eid is not over yet! we still got two nice days ahead of us and my planning is to enjoy those two days and I strongly recommend for you the same! 🙂

Eid Mubarak Everyone and enjoy these blessed days we all your loved ones!
May Allah bless us all! Say Ameen! ❤

Keep it covered!

Much Love ❤


One Lovely Blog Award | My first nomination!

Hi Guys! AssalamuAlaikum everyone! On this very lovely lovely lovely day (Yes, you know why, but I will be posting another post for this topic, so just be patient please!) I found out that I got nominated for an award! Super awesome of course! Many thanks to Saff from Thos Fandoms Tho!

Of course a nominations doens’t come always without a price. Especially for us, bloggers: as if our work/hobby doesn’t kick our *** enough… we still gotta do somehting for this Oh So Lovely Blog Award. But yeah… well… I’d really love to have this award, so I’m ready to do what it takes! :p

So the rules are as followed:

  • Thank the Person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. [Check!]
  • List the rules and display the Award. [Check!]
  • Add 7 Facts about yourself. [This is so hard]
  • Nominate 15 other Bloggers and comment on one of their Posts to let them know they have been nominated. [Easy]

So the next step in line is a freaking hard one… I have always failed in the same kind of challenges. So don’t laugh as me please… Here we go:

  1. I have blue eyes and black hair (neither is fake).
  2. I was born in Holland but I am not Dutch.
  3. I have a scar on my thumb and if I have to believe my parents, the story goes like this: I was a very difficult baby when it came to food. I was always hungry. So I was once sucking my thumb when I (probably was hungry) and bit myself because I though it was food or something… (hahaha).
  4. I really wish and hope that the first child I will have will be a girl.
  5. I started to write complete stories when I was 12 years old.
  6. J.K. Rowling is my hero. She is the reason why I fell in love with books and writing.
  7. I have been a HamakiLover since I was 12. This has never changed.

Pfff I’m still thinking it… This is so hard.

So that was that. Now up to the next nominations! Hihi!

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Congratz to all of you! You deserve it! Let me know if you’ll accept your nomination and I wish you luck!

Keep it covered!

Much Love ❤